Endurance Training

Mount Mitchell Asheville, NC

When a Training Vacation Gets Rained Out

Our family recently took a vacation one week before the Wisconsin 70.3 Ironman — a training vacation. We definitely wanted to vacation in a location where we could pick up some training rides. Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Asheville presented lots of options for remarkable rides. So we headed […]

Half Ironman Relay

After two full Ironman races in six months (Florida in November and Texas in April), my plan was to switch to racing support crew for the summer. My only thought was if DH wanted to race in a Half Ironman relay, I would pick up the swim since he does […]

Socks or No Socks … that is the Question!

After Ironman Texas in April and huge blisters on the bottom of both my feet, Captain Fun and I decided that maybe I need to reevaluate my sock situation especially wearing socks on the bike. I hate socks. Typically, I HATE socks. Flip flops are my friend and I wear […]

open yourself up with yoga

Do You Have the Intention to Open Yourself Up to Life?

Today at morning yoga, the teacher stated that the intention of class was to “open yourself up” to new possibilities or new experiences in our daily life. Especially during these cold months, we tend to bring our focus and attention inward. Actually everything we do from cooking food to working […]

Quality Trainer Hours? Are You Getting Them?

Participated in Computrainer (CT) class today. When it is a choice between my trainer in the basement or CT class, I always choose CT class. It might be hard but it is always quality trainer hours. The workout today was at 2% grade and in the big tough gear for […]