Do you like to drink wine? I do but I am also an endurance athlete. Balancing my two favorite things to do in life is tough. I could drink a glass (or two) of wine every night but that isn’t always best for my training. So, I try my best to experience each glass of wine just as I do each workout and race.

My Cast of Characters


My DH is the biggest reason I am able to be an endurance athlete. He is my biking partner, my equipment manager, my race planner, and my biggest supporter. I could never do what I do without his love and support. He pushes me and takes care of me like no other. His planning allows me to not worry about anything but training and racing. He is with me at every race from start to finish!

Captain Fun

Captain Fun is my TriCoach. She is a badass and kicks my butt on a weekly … probably daily basis. Captain Fun has raced in 20+ full Ironman races including a few trips to Kona. I think the number of 70.3 races she has participated in is over 50. I love her and hate her all at once. And if you have a coach, I think you will understand how that is possible! She has coached me through three Ironman races and a few 70.3’s too. I know her love and support and excellent coaching is why I am an Ironman finisher.


Birdman is my co-TriCoach. He works with Captain Fun to make sure I (and  more importantly my bike and equipment) am in tip top shape for each and every race. Birdman is my bike mechanic, my equipment guru, and one of my biggest cheerleaders. Knowing he is at a race with me is calming. And he has been a part of each of my IM finishes.

My Crew

It takes a village to be an Ironman between my husband, my kids, my family and my friends each one of them bring something to the table that gets me through my training and each and every race. I know some times they get sick of my training schedule but they support me just the same. I could not do this without each and every one of them.