Half Ironman Relay

After two full Ironman races in six months (Florida in November and Texas in April), my plan was to switch to racing support crew for the summer. My only thought was if DH wanted to race in a Half Ironman relay, I would pick up the swim since he does not swim.

Long story short, our family has two relays in the Wisconsin 70.3 Ironman this weekend in Madison, WI. I am swimming and biking with my brother taking on the run and DH is biking and running with my oldest son’s girlfriend doing the swim. While my oldest is tackling the entire race on his own. This will be his third half ironman race.

I have never done a triathlon as a relay. But am excited to share my love of endurance racing with my family newbies.

Race Day Update Added Post Race

We woke up the day of the race with a downpour and rain in the forecast all day. We set off to race praying that they would cancel the race! But they didn’t!

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