Socks or No Socks … that is the Question!

After Ironman Texas in April and huge blisters on the bottom of both my feet, Captain Fun and I decided that maybe I need to reevaluate my sock situation especially wearing socks on the bike.

I hate socks.

Typically, I HATE socks. Flip flops are my friend and I wear them day and night and in any kind of weather … yes, in winter, too. I will do anything not to wear socks. BUT, when it comes to biking, the thought of not wearing socks really makes my skin crawl!

The thought of sweating into my biking shoes and then my feet slipping and sliding around as I try to climb a hill just sounds horrible to me. Plus, I can’t imagine not getting a new blister or two.

But after Ironman Texas where I felt blisters forming at the end of the bike and then having the worst run ever due to my feet, I knew I had to make some changes.

Transition to No Socks

Now there is a reason I have a coach and I knew I had to listen to Captain Fun. After my blisters healed … which took almost three weeks.  I am still cutting dead skin off the bottom of my feet. ICK! I decided I would start slow with super thin socks and a huge amount of Body Glide for your feet and work my way up to no socks. I sure wasn’t going to have my first no sock experience to be a four hour outdoor training ride.

I now have three outdoor long rides under my belt with super thin socks. Things have gone fine. Nothing monumental. No slipping around. No new blisters. Just a strange different feeling of doing something different.

No Socks

Today was the day … NO SOCKS! I was supposed to do a three hour outside ride today but it has rained all day. I flipped my Monday and Tuesday workouts and instead had a 90 minute trainer workout. I figured this was the perfect opportunity to go sock-less!

And I have to say, going sock-less was pretty uneventful. Did it feel strange? Sure. Was I in pain? No. Any new blisters? No. All is good.

The only issue was the darn smell after the workout and I took my shoes off. YUCK! But I laid them out to dry and will give them a good Frebreezing before I use them again. Maybe stuffing them with dryer sheets will help too.

Or maybe they just smell. As a triathlete, your standard of smelliness changes and you seems to tolerate more and have slightly lower standards for things that smell. Maybe that is a topic for another day.

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