open yourself up with yoga

Do You Have the Intention to Open Yourself Up to Life?

open yourself up with yoga
Open Yourself Up to New Possibilities in Your Daily Life

Today at morning yoga, the teacher stated that the intention of class was to “open yourself up” to new possibilities or new experiences in our daily life. Especially during these cold months, we tend to bring our focus and attention inward. Actually everything we do from cooking food to working at our desks to riding our bikes brings our focus hunched over and inward. So with the sun shining bright for the first time in weeks, the intention of opening yourself up was a great start to the day.

Open Yourself Up

As I tried to focus on the intention of the day all through class, my mind wanders as it does every yoga practice. I think I am getting better at keeping my focus on my mat and in the moment but it isn’t always easy. I try to remember that each practice is a different experience. Some focused and sharp while others the experience of just attending class is enough.

Today’s intention of opening yourself up hits home as triathlon training always tightens me up and pulls me in. Just sitting on the trainer for three hours like I did this weekend pulls my shoulders and chest in no matter how many times I try to pull my shoulders back usually after a small reminder from coach. So, the intention of opening yourself up to me isn’t just a yoga thing, it is a daily life thing. Opening shoulders and chest in everything we do is just as important as opening up to that new ride, that new run, or that new experience.

So on this sunny but cold day, take some time to open your body up by pulling those shoulders back and opening your chest proud. But also remember to be open to life and those experiences that are around you each and every day. They don’t have to be associated with triathlons or wine but wouldn’t that be nice if they were!

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