Quality Trainer Hours? Are You Getting Them?

quality trainer hours
Are You Putting in Quality Trainer Hours on Your Bike?

Participated in Computrainer (CT) class today. When it is a choice between my trainer in the basement or CT class, I always choose CT class. It might be hard but it is always quality trainer hours. The workout today was at 2% grade and in the big tough gear for the major part of the workout. I have to admit I hate 2% grade and I really hate the big tough gear but as I counted off the minutes of the workout at a super slow cadence and my legs screamed for me to stop, I knew that I was putting in quality minutes in the saddle and my legs are going to thank me for it come warmer weather!

What makes a quality trainer hour? I don’t think you have to go all out for 60 minutes to obtain those quality trainer hours. But you do need to put in the work at 70% as well as 100%. Consistent power along with recovery is the key. Work on your cadence as well as your form.  Being comfortable with each part of your pedal stroke, body placement, and even your breathing is something that takes practice and doesn’t always come naturally. And just as important, don’t forget about your nutrition!

I made it through the whole CT class hitting all my power numbers and I am so glad I did. Even our coach admitted that today’s class was a very hard workout but I know my legs even though they hurt now will appreciate these quality hours once we head outside. Coach says we are at 2% grade for the next four weeks and I know I will dread every day. But the work will be with it in the end. I just have to keep thinking of it as quality trainer hours: a great investment in my training!

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